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USA Support Phone Number - Ultius +1 (800) 405-2972

International support numbers

USA Support Phone Number - UltiusUSA
+1 (800) 405-2972Toll-free +1 (702) 979-7365Local/SMS
Canada Support Phone Number - UltiusCAN
+1 (800) 597-3941Toll-free
Australia Support Phone Number - UltiusAUS
+1 (800) 764-195Toll-free
United Kingdom Support Phone Number - UltiusGBR
+0 (808) 134-9867Toll-free

What is the dial-in PIN?

What's happening: While you are creating your Ultius account, you are being prompted to create a dial-in PIN code and are wondering what it's for.

Answer: The four (4) digit dial-in pin is a security code that you create when registering or updating your account. The purpose of this code is to verify your identity and account ownership. The PIN is used to verify your identity in a number of scenarios (depending on your device).

The PIN is used for verifying your identity during:

  • Phone calls to support
  • Instances of live chat
  • Through email support

On the Android app, the PIN is used as the app lock screen code. This feature cannot be turned off.

Our dial-in PIN technology adds an extra step to support interactions and data access, but is an important measure to protecting your privacy. You can also read about updating your dial-in PIN.