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USA Support Phone Number - Ultius +1 (800) 405-2972

International support numbers

USA Support Phone Number - UltiusUSA
+1 (800) 405-2972Toll-free +1 (702) 979-7365Local/SMS
Canada Support Phone Number - UltiusCAN
+1 (800) 597-3941Toll-free
Australia Support Phone Number - UltiusAUS
+1 (800) 764-195Toll-free
United Kingdom Support Phone Number - UltiusGBR
+0 (808) 134-9867Toll-free

How do I cancel my order?

What's happening: You want to cancel your order because you don't need it anymore or your circumstances have changed.

Answer: If you placed an order and would like to cancel it, you must submit a written request within one hour of the payment. Please submit a Client Success support request using our contact form. Please note that we do not accept order cancellations after one hour of the payment because a writer has more than likely started working on it (read refund policy).