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Why am I being asked to send a photo ID and a picture of my payment card?


We cannot work on your order until verification is complete

If you have been selected to participate in Ultius Identity Verification, your writer won't begin work until you have completed the verification.

What's happening: You recently placed an order and received an email requesting redacted images of your photo ID and the card you used for payment. You are wondering why we are asking for such personal information and what we do with it.

Answer: You are being asked for a redacted photo ID and proof of payment because we are asking you to participate in Ultius Identity Verification (UIV). UIV is an internal security process we have in place for reducing instances of credit card theft, identity theft, and fraud.

To verify your payment method, we require a picture of your government issued identification (like a license) with the address blacked out and a picture of the payment method used (with all card numbers blacked out except the last four).

Here are a few important notes about UIV:

  • Required. UIV is required and a writer won't work on your order unless it's complete.
  • Bitcoin alternative. You can bypass UIV by paying with Bitcoin, please click here to learn more about this.
  • Declining UIV. If you decline UIV, we will refund your money and a writer won't work on your order.

We selectively use UIV to reduce fraud, and hope that you will cooperate with us to ensure that your financial information is not compromised.