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USA Support Phone Number - Ultius +1 (800) 405-2972

International support numbers

USA Support Phone Number - UltiusUSA
+1 (800) 405-2972Toll-free +1 (702) 979-7365Local/SMS
Canada Support Phone Number - UltiusCAN
+1 (800) 597-3941Toll-free
Australia Support Phone Number - UltiusAUS
+1 (800) 764-195Toll-free
United Kingdom Support Phone Number - UltiusGBR
+0 (808) 134-9867Toll-free

Can I request multiple writers for an order?

What's happening: You know it is possible that a requested writer may decline your order and you would like to know if you can list multiple requested writers in case this happens.

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Ultius is constantly improving its platform and this may change in the future, but at this time you may only indicate one requested writer when ordering.

Learn more about what happens if your requested writer declines your order.